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Laughs amid the make-up in the HLT castroom (Photo: David Marks).

Audition Tips

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The auditions for the comedy How to be Happy, by David Lewis and directed by David Blakey, will be on Saturday, July 9, at 11am. Scripts are available from the office.


The play is set in a middle-class part of a provincial city.  Two couples are neighbours: Paul and Katy in a small house; and Graham and Emma — Paul’s ex-wife — in a larger house with Paul and Emma’s daughter Daisy, who is 17, and their own infant son, Jack. Daisy’s 18th birthday is soon, highlighting to Paul that Graham can better afford the party. Paul’s career as a novelist is not going well, and Graham offers him work in his advertising agency. Over a few days, the lives of all of them will change.


Two roles are demanding, in terms of lines, emotional range, and time on stage:

  • Paul, disillusioned writer, husband of Kate, ex-husband of Emma, and parent (with Emma) of Daisy.
  • Emma: currently wife of Graham, and parent of Daisy and (with Graham) of Jack (infant). No defined profession.

These roles will require the actor to learn at least two pages per day.

Two roles are less demanding in terms of lines and range, but, because of the staging, require attendance at almost all rehearsals:

  • Graham, advertising agency executive, husband of Emma.  Involved with Tammy.
  • Kate, teacher, wife of Paul.

The fifth role is an excellent opportunity for an emerging talent:

  • Daisy, aged 17, who lives with Graham and Emma. Girlfriend of Wayne.  Clever and manipulative.


The roles of Paul, Emma and Graham require a lot of line-learning, with a disciplined approach right from when these roles are cast. I am happy to accommodate extra rehearsal times for line runs of all or part of the play. As the rehearsal schedule is tight, these will have to be additional weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

All five of the characters use strong language.

The play involves characters in two separate houses being on-stage simultaneously, so that there will be periods when an actor — especially in the roles of Paul and Emma — has no dialogue and must continue to stay in character without upstaging the action.


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 7:15pm for 7:30pm start, until 9:30pm.
Sundays, 2pm until 6pm.
Sunday 4 September, technical runs, 12noon until 9pm.


Tuesday 6 September, 8pm, full run.
Thursday 8 September, 8pm, preview.

Saturday 10 September, 8pm, opening.
Sunday 11 September, 2pm, matinee.

(Tuesday 13 September, 8pm, possible show)
Wednesday 14 September, 8pm, show
Thursday 15 September, 8pm, show
Friday 16 September, 8pm, show
Saturday 17 September, 8pm, show
Sunday 18 September, 2pm, matinee

(Tuesday 20 September, 8pm, possible show)
Wednesday 21 September, 8pm, show
Thursday 22 September, 8pm, show
Friday 23 September, 8pm, show
Saturday 24 September, 8pm, show
(Sunday 25 September, 2pm, possible matinee.)

Tuesday 27 September, 8pm, show
Wednesday 28 September, 8pm, show
Thursday 29 September, 8pm, show
Friday 30 September, 8pm, show
Saturday 1 October, 8pm, closing and wrap party

More considerations

Accents: I would prefer British accents, and I am not worried about regions.  Actors who cannot sustain a British accent will be considered, as a character could be a New Zealander who has lived in Britain for at least 20 years.

Race: The only requirement for race is that Daisy is the daughter of Paul and Emma, so they will have to make genetic sense.

Age: Daisy is almost 18, so the ages of Paul and Emma must match.  They will both be at least 40. Their current spouses, Kate and Graham, should be around the same ages.


I am happy to discuss the play with you before the auditions.

Email is a good way to contact me: davidblakey@gmail.com.

Next best is a text to 027 495 3794.


David Blakey

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