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Laughs amid the make-up in the HLT castroom (Photo: David Marks).

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by Michael Frayn

Directed by Julian Harrison

The final show of Howick Little Theatre's 60th Jubilee Season: Nov 15 to Dec 6.

Auditions: Sunday, 24th August, between 10am and 3pm.

Email director Julian Harrison for an audition time: drjulianharrison@gmail.com

Possible callbacks if needed will be on the evening of Monday, 25th August. Scripts available from Anna in the Howick Little Theatre office (534-1401). There are no designated audition scenes, but you would be wise to choose and prepare your own audition piece and we will have people to read other roles in for you if required.

Noises Off is a fast-paced farce about a theatre company putting on a comedy, and is widely regarded as the best of its genre. In order to achieve the slickness required to perform this play well, there will be an intense rehearsal period as the set is complex with nine entrances/exits on two levels and a great many props.

There is quite a lot of repetition in the lines, as the same Act is performed three times: once in rehearsal, once from backstage and then again from the front at the end of the run when relations between certain cast members have degenerated, so you need to be good at learning lines accurately.

Rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Sunday afternoons, and all cast members will be needed at most rehearsals.

This is going to be a challenging play but it will be very rewarding. If you have any necessary questions, please contact the director.

CHARACTER LIST: (Ages are a rough guide. If you have read the script and feel you can play the part, come along to audition.)

LLOYD DALLAS – 35-plus. The director of Nothing On, the play that the characters in Noises Off are attempting to perform. Lloyd is passionate, suave, hot-tempered and extremely harried. His show is about to open and it is not going well … Carrying on with both Brooke and Poppy, which adds to his stress.

DOTTY OTLEY –  50s-plus. A (rather) ageing prima donna. Her money is funding the show. She’s somewhat on autopilot onstage, and is having a great deal of trouble remembering her lines, blocking and props. Capable of using spite or self-pity to get her way … Carrying on with the much younger Garry.

GARRY LEJEUNE – 30s-plus. Means well. Believes in The Theatre. Tries to keep the show going and everyone’s morale up, but often has trouble finishing his sentences. Extremely flustered. His good nature is replaced with jealousy when he believes Dotty has begun carrying on with Frederick.

BROOK ASHTON – 20s. Young and sexy, but a terrible actress. Incapable of taking direction. Spacy and tuned-out – whether onstage or off. Blind as a bat without her contacts, which have a tendency to pop out at bad times. Carrying on with Lloyd, which is how she got her part in the show.

POPPY NORTON-TAYLOR – 20s-plus. The assistant stage manager of Nothing On. Overworked and often on the verge of tears. Works frantically to keep the show from completely falling apart, a hopeless (and thankless) task. Carrying on with Lloyd. There’s something she hasn’t told Lloyd yet …

FREDERICK FELLOWES – 30s-plus. A neurotic actor. Bumbling and filled with self-doubt. A sweet man. Not the brightest bulb in the box. Always has a thousand questions about his lines and blocking. Violence and blood upset him, causing him to faint or get nosebleeds.

BELINDA BLAIR – 30s-plus. An experienced actress. Always positive and reliable. Charming. A good-hearted busybody, who knows all the gossip about the company. Attempts to keep the show going when it begins to unravel.

TIM ALLGOOD – 18-plus. The company stage manager. Long-suffering. Exhausted and completely sleep-deprived. Responsible for an inhuman number of tasks and forced to understudy everybody.

SELSDON MOWBRAY – 60-plus. Cheerful. Elderly. Alcoholic. The entire cast attempts to keep him from getting his hands on a bottle. Forgets lines. Misses entrances. Causes the company to panic when he cannot be found at all.


As a Director & Actor, I've been involved in numerous shows at HLT and love working there. Most recently I directed Looking, which picked up the show of the year award in 2013. I have already directed Take a Chance On Me and I Hate Hamlet this year at Ellerslie Theatre Company, but can't wait to get my teeth stuck into Noises Off. This show will be the fireworks of Howick Little Theatre’s 60th Jubilee season. I'm looking for actors who are lovely people with a great work ethic and a hunger for some fun.

Please note: This show is going to be seriously funny! No bores need apply.