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Laughs amid the make-up in the HLT castroom (Photo: David Marks).

Audition Tips

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Auditions for "Seven Year Twitch"
A comedy by David Lewis.
Directed By Julian Harrison.
Auditions: Sunday, September 6, at 11am, at Howick Little Theatre


What To Prepare For Auditions
Please read the play in full and prepare a short scene or scenes that you believe showcases the character/characters you are auditioning for. We will have people read against you. Remember that the play is set in the UK so you will need to at least attempt an accent. Any questions, please email the director: drjulianharrison@gmail.com

About The Play
A new comedy of marital calamity.
Fran arranges a dinner party and cooks an aubergine parmigiana. Husband Terry fails to turn up because he is searching for a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher in Norfolk. This is the last straw in their seven-year marriage. Professionals are called in and friends, therapists and even the birds become embroiled in the escalating crisis. This play has lots of hilarious comic moments as well as some emotionally charged scenes for all the characters. A great play in need of a great cast.

About The Director: Julian Harrison
I am really excited about this production as it has great scope for the actors to form in-depth characters that should make audiences both laugh and cry. I have directed three shows now at HLT and love working there. My last two productions there, Looking, and Noises Off, both picked up the award for best show of the year. I have also directed at Stables, Dolphin and Company theatres. I work collaboratively with my casts and require actors to be creative, take risks, work hard and not be precious. As always, no egotists need apply.


Perusal scripts are available from the office, 534-1401 or info@hlt.org.nz

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and on Sundays at 2pm.

A readthrough will be held on Sunday, September 27, with rehearsals starting the following Sunday.

Performances start/finish: Saturday, November 14 to Saturday, December 5: 16 performances.



(All ages are guidelines. The play is set in England so actors will need to attempt a UK accent of some sort.)

Megan (45-55 years): Megan is a therapist and a very good one. She has a short temper, though, and can be blunt. She is lesbian but is not in a relationship at the start of the play. She is hiding an alcohol problem.

Terry (40-55): Terry’s world revolves around his addiction to bird spotting and his marriage is failing because of it. Twitching is his life and is visibly an obsession for him. He has promised his wife, Fran, he will stop this obsession when he reaches 500 birds, but he then shifts the bar to 505 when that is achieved as he can’t face giving up twitching. He has some abandonment issues from his childhood that clearly still affect his life.

Fran (37-50): Fran is dealing with a failing second marriage to Terry who is a compulsive ‘twitcher’ or bird watcher. Her children have now flown the nest. She works with Ben. She is totally unfulfilled in her marriage and announces her plans to leave Terry at the start of the play. She is intelligent but has quite a temper and has baggage of her own from her childhood.

Ben (40-55): Ben works on international humanitarian projects – building schools in Africa. He is intelligent and successful but has very low self-esteem. He suffers from impotence and anxiety issues not only in the bedroom but in life, too. Ben has difficulty relating to women and probably has an awkward quality. He has a therapist for his issues: Megan.

Charlie (50): Is a therapist who is going through his own issues. He is starting to suffer from depression and is having his own marriage issues with Karen. He is usually the one who is emotionally together, but he is having a midlife crisis of sorts that is affecting his relationships and work.

Karen (28-45): Karen is married to Charlie and is dealing with fears of infidelity. She wants passion and romance back in her life. She uses her husband as a therapist too and burdens him with her problems. She forms a lesbian relationship with Megan later in the play. I am open to Karen being a fair bit younger than Charlie.

Jill (30-60): Jill is a friend of Terry’s and another bird nut. Their relationship develops into more than friendship later in the play. She is probably quite odd and has OCD as well as her bird-watching addiction. I am open to looking at the dynamics created by her being at either end of the age scale.