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Laughs amid the make-up in the HLT castroom (Photo: David Marks).

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auditions for "The Love List"


A comedy by Norm Foster

Director Vic Leilua

Auditions will be on Sunday, 16 November, at 10.30am at Howick Little Theatre

Plot: Leon and Bill concoct a list of the ideal attributes for the 'ideal woman' – a potential mate for Bill, a statistician who is celebrating his 50th birthday.  When this “Ideal Woman” actually appears, they hastily conclude that their list could use a few alterations.  These revisions cause character changes in their 'ideal woman' that are unexpected and exasperating to the men and a source of snappy and biting hilarity.  

Filled with witty sparkling dialogue, The Love List by Norm Foster is an outrageously funny comedy about what might happen if you could really get what you wish for in choosing a mate.  



1. BILL: 45 - 50. A pleasant average Joe with a warm personality. A statistician  bachelor who considers himself to be boring and not very impulsive. Divorced and apparently relaxed with being single. Can change from regular Everyman to comically unhinged.


2. LEON: 45 -50. Bill’s best friend  who is on the decline as a novelist. Amiable, but a touch self-important. Bill's comic foil, married, but very willing to cheat given the opportunity.

3. JUSTINE: 23 - 30. A mystery woman. Affable, glamorous, intelligent, hot-headed and  devoted. Goes through several personality transformations  as Bill and Leon anxiously revise her “Love List” character qualities.

Perusal scripts are available from the office, 534-1406 or info@hlt.org.nz

Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and on Sundays at 2pm.

First rehearsal Sunday, January 18.

Season: Saturday, February 28 to March 21; 16 performances.


The Director: Vic Leilua

Vic has directed a dozen comedy plays for school holiday programmes run as part of the Community, Development and the Arts for the Auckland Council.  In 2013 he completed Terry Hooper's Introduction to Directing Course.  He has been the Lighting Designer for two HLT Studio plays and has been the Lighting Operator for many plays at the Howick Little Theatre (including Norm Foster's Looking) and for two musicals at the Harlequin Musical Theatre. He is a serious fan of comedy from W.C. Fields to Richard Pryor, music and film history and works for the Auckland Council as the Facility Co-ordinator at Nathan Homestead, Manurewa Arts Centre. (Next door to the Auckland Botanic Gardens).

For further information, Vic can be contacted on 2670180, or 0210581438 or email