2015 HLT Season

Coming in February

The Love List

A comedy by Norm Foster/Canada/2003
Directed by Vic Leilua
She's a hard road finding the perfect woman, mate!
Coming in May

Sitting Pretty

A dramatic comedy by Amy Rosenthal/UK/2005
Directed by Penelope Keegan
There's more to life than pickled onions.
Coming in July


A drama by David Williamson/Australia/2003
Directed by Nick Martin
Who will be left holding the baby?
Coming in September

Mary's Wedding

A drama by Stephen Massicotte/Canada/2002
Directed by Anton Bentley
"The kind of play that makes you think and dream."
Coming in November

Seven Year Twitch

A comedy by David Lewis/UK/2013
Directed by Julian Harrison
A comedy of marital disharmony and birdwatching.


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